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Top definition My rival gang shot my trap queen and took my goods. The Crip Blood and his trap queen spend their time getting high and being worthless..Here s my favorite Urban Dictionary definition of “trap queen” A witty or street smart female, usually with an urban flavor or appeal, who is loyal and resourceful . Baddest female superior to petty affairs and bitches. She is down to do what is needed for her friends, family, and man..The catchiest new song well, newish song which zipped up the charts out of nowhere, is Fetty Wap s “Trap Queen”. Currently ranked on the Billboard .As Fetty Wap s use suggests, trap queen can also be used an affectionate term for a person s “rock” and by some black women, including a self styled trap feminist, as a form of self empowerment and agency. The male counterpart to a trap queen is a trap king..The name “Trap Queen” is derived from the term “trap” or “trap house,” which is often defined on Urban Dictionary as a location for drug dealers to make and sell . Trap queen. Now, I went to Urban Dictionary to get the definition because well, where else are you going to get a legitimate definition for trap queen. So, here .This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of trap queen is. The slang word phrase acronym trap queen means . Online Slang Dictionary..

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