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Somnolence definition is the quality or state of being drowsy sleepiness. How to use somnolence in a sentence..Somnolence alternatively “sleepiness” or “drowsiness” is a state of strong desire for sleep, or sleeping for unusually long periods compare hypersomnia . It has distinct meanings and causes. The word “somnolence” is derived from the Latin “somnus” meaning “sleep”..Related formssomnolence, somnolency, nounsomnolently, adverbhypersomnolence, nounhypersomnolent, adjectivehypersomnolently, .Medical Definition of Somnolence. Somnolence Sleepiness, the state of feeling drowsy, ready to fall asleep. A person experiencing somnolence is somnolent and is acting somnolently. Somnolence, somnolent, and somnolently go back to the Latin “somnus” meaning please don t yawn “sleep.”.Somnolence is a sleepy state. Also, someone who seems to be out of it, going through life like a sleepwalker can be described as experiencing somnolence, which comes from the Latin word somnolentia, sleepiness..If you re somnolent, you re feeling sleepy or drowsy. It s best to avoid operating speedboats or motorcycles when you re somnolent..Somnolence meaning a feeling of wanting to sleep, or the state of almost sleeping . Learn more..

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “D’Amato Dustin Johnson is No. for a reason and is in control at U.S. Open,” These drugs are not without negative side effects such as somnolence, lethargy, constipation and drug tolerance, requiring increasing dosages..OUTCOMES MEASURED Outcomes measured by computer assessment were retention of material presented orally average number of errors in questions about teacher presentations retention of materials presented in a written format average number of errors in questions from the readings reaction time for answers average for all correct computer test questions and child self report of .Word Origin and History for somnolence n. late c., from Old French sompnolence c. , from Latin somnolentia “sleepiness,” from somnolentus , from somnus “sleep” see somnus ..Somnolence Sleepiness, the state of feeling drowsy, ready to fall asleep. A person experiencing somnolence is somnolent and is acting somnolently. A person experiencing somnolence is somnolent and is acting somnolently..Somnolence can be a difficult concept to grasp as it can be either a natural state, a symptom of a disorder, or a disorder unto itself. Within the scope of medicine, however, the term is typically used to describe an abnormal state rather than a normal one..Definition of somnolence in the Dictionary. Meaning of somnolence. What does somnolence mean? Proper usage of the word somnolence. Information about somnolence in the dictionary, synonyms and antonyms..Somnolence is nothing more than an inordinate tendency to sleep. Philadelphia has a traditional reputation for a calm that borders on somnolence. In other cases the opposite condition of somnolence may be present. Surely the psyche could not change its degree of somnolence so quickly..To clean out the dead pedantries, universities, indolent somnolent impotencies, and accumulated dung mountains there, is the beginning of all practical good whatsoever.. Somnolence Meaning. How to pronounce, definition au Video shows what somnolence means. a state of drowsiness or sleepiness. somnolence synonyms hypersomnia..

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