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Definition of solace. comfort in grief alleviation of grief or anxiety. a source of relief or consolation..Synonyms of solace from the Merriam Webster Thesaurus, plus related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for solace..Something that gives comfort, consolation, or relief The minister s visit was the dying man s only solace..Solace meaning . help and comfort when you are feeling sad or worried . to give help and comfort to someone when they are feeling sad or worried. help .If you re sad, you might find solace in music or in talking to your friends. It is no surprise that consolation and solace are similar in meaning as they share a root in the Latin verb slr “to comfort.” In fact, solace and consolation are synonyms meaning relief from grief or disappointment..Solace definition Solace is a feeling of comfort that makes you feel less sad . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples..Definition of solace comfort or consolation in a time of great distress or sadness..Define solace. solace synonyms, solace pronunciation, solace translation, English dictionary definition of solace. n. . Comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or distress .A woman gives solace to a friend. Licensed from iStockPhoto. noun. The definition of solace is a decline in grief, or consolation. When you go see a friend who is .

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