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Definition of pride. prided priding. transitive verb. to indulge oneself in pride now usually used in the phrase pride oneself on to describe taking pride in some ability, quality, etc. She was a girl who prided herself on her carefully blase and supercilious attitude towards life..Pride definition, a high or inordinate opinion of one s own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in bearing, .Top definition. Prideunknown I have my pride and will not sink to your standards John has much pride in his country because he served in the USA army. ..A Secular Definition of Pride Pride is not just a problem for meit is a problem for humanity. Pride s been defined as a feeling of deep pleasure .Definition of pride a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely..Proper respect for oneself sense of one s own dignity or worth self respect. . delight or satisfaction in one s own or another s achievements, in associations, etc. . a person or thing in which pride is taken..Pride noun SATISFACTION B [ U ] a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction that you get because you or people connected with you have done or got something good She felt a great sense of pride as she watched him accept the award. He felt such pride walking his little daughter down the street..Pride is the state of holding one s self or another in high esteem. An example of pride is the feeling a parent has when his child graduates from college..Pride is an inwardly directed emotion that carries two antithetical meanings. With a negative One definition of pride in the former sense comes from St. Augustine “the love of one s own excellence”. A similar definition comes from Meher .

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Image Result For Pride Definitiona

Image Result For Pride Definitiona