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Top definition. pettyunknown. . making things, events, or actions normal people dismiss as trivial or insignificant into excuses to be upset, uncooperative, .Adjective, pettier, pettiest. of little or no importance or consequence petty grievances. of lesser or secondary importance, merit, etc. minor petty considerations. having or showing narrow ideas, interests, etc. petty minds. mean or ungenerous in small or trifling things a petty person..Definition of petty. Entry having secondary rank or importance minor, subordinate. having little or no importance or significance. marked by or reflective of narrow interests and sympathies small minded..Petty definition You can use petty to describe things such as problems , rules, or arguments which you | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples..Adjective. Petty is defined as something relatively worthless or unimportant. An example of petty is cash kept on hand for very small purchases. The definition of petty is someone who gets caught up in small details. An example of petty is a person who gets very angry when someone accidentally steps on their foot..Define petty adjective and get synonyms. What is petty adjective ? petty adjective meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary..Petty meaning . not important and not worth giving attention to . complaining too much about things that are not important . small or of little importance ..When you act petty, you will point out when the aggressor is being petty. . You wear a crown wherever we It has one definition. Merriam Webster defines it as, .If you open your dictionary, you will find that petty means unimportant, small, small minded, inconsequential. There are various other less used definitions..

Under Promise, students who commit petty vandalism or theft, harassment, fight or other minor crimes or violations are referred to the off campus program for two to days..Top definition petty unknown . making things, events, or actions normal people dismiss as trivial or insignificant into excuses to be upset, uncooperative, childish, or stubborn..Petty, paltry, trifling, trivial apply to something that is so insignificant as to be almost unworthy of notice. Petty implies contemptible insignificance and littleness, inferiority and small worth petty quarrels. Paltry is applied to something that is beneath one’s notice, even despicable a paltry amount..Such, in two words, was the woof of petty interests and petty conspiracies which united Blois with Orleans and Orleans with Paris and which was about to bring into the last named city, where she was to produce so great a revolution, the poor little La Valliere, who was far from suspecting, as she returned joyfully, leaning on the arm of her .Petty is used of people or actions that are less important, serious, or great than others. Wilson was not a man who dealt with petty officials. petty crime, such as handbag snatching and minor break ins..This is the British English definition of petty. View American English definition of petty. Change your default dictionary to American English. View the pronunciation for petty..’It was a petty tactic to try and dupe the officials and undermine a generally well natured game.’ ‘The world of the film swings between petty, spiteful, foolish and resigned.’ ‘By the time I reached home I had to admit that I’d been small, petty and spiteful.’.Petty cash, also referred to as the petty cash fund, is a small amount of cash on hand used for paying expenses too small to merit write a check. Periodic reconciliations reveal shortfalls or overages in the fund, as receipts are used to calculate its balance..Pretty definition, pleasing or attractive to the eye, as by delicacy or gracefulness a pretty face. See more..English Language Learners Definition of pretty Entry to some degree or extent but not very or extremely to a great degree or extent. pretty. verb. English Language Learners Definition of pretty Entry to make something pretty. See the full definition for pretty in the English Language Learners Dictionary..

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