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Top definition. nonchalant When he told me i failed the class, I was nonchalant. He just ended his relationship of years, yet he s so nonchalant about it..Nonchalance definition, the state or quality of being nonchalant cool indifference or lack of concern casualness. See more..The government could not rush through unpopular policies in its familiar nonchalant fashion, as it had ridden roughshod over civil society in the s..Kids Definition of nonchalant. showing or having a relaxed manner free from concern or excitement He was surprisingly nonchalant about winning the award. Other Words from nonchalant. nonchalantly \ lant l \ adverb. More from Merriam Webster on nonchalant..Definition of nonchalance. the quality or state of being nonchalant She faced the crowd with the nonchalance of an experienced speaker..Nonchalant definition If you describe someone as nonchalant , you mean that they appear not to worry or care | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and .Nonchalant. If your friend is acting cool, unconcerned or in an indifferent manner, call him nonchalant like when he saunters by a group of whispering, giggling girls and just nods and says, “Hey.”.Definition of nonchalant of a person or manner feeling or appearing casually calm and relaxed not displaying anxiety, interest, or enthusiasm..

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