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Naive definition is marked by unaffected simplicity artless, ingenuous. How to use naive in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of naive..Generally speaking, to be naive means you do not think enough. People who are “naive” tend to believe in whatever they are told, without Top definition..Having or showing unaffected simplicity of nature or absence of artificiality unsophisticated ingenuous. having or showing a lack of experience, judgment, or information credulous She s so naive she believes everything she reads. He has a very naive attitude toward politics..C too willing to believe that someone is telling the truth, that people s intentions in general are good, or that life is simple and fair. People are often naive because they are young and or have not had much experience of life She was very naive to believe that he d stay with her..Define naive adjective and get synonyms. What is naive adjective ? naive adjective meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary..Naive definition If you describe someone as naive , you think they lack experience and so expect things to | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and .Definition of naive of a person or action showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgement..English[edit]. Adjective[edit]. naive comparative naiver or more naive, superlative naivest or most naive . Alternative spelling of naive .

Naive definition, having or showing unaffected simplicity of nature or absence of artificiality unsophisticated ingenuous. See more.. Pat Jordan, Harper’s, October a naive belief that all people are good a naive view of the world She asked a lot of naive questions. I was young and naive at the time, and I didn’t think anything bad could happen to me. The plan seems a little naive. If you’re naive enough to believe him, you’ll believe anyone..Synonyms naive, simple, ingenuous, unsophisticated, natural, unaffected, guileless, artless These adjectives mean free from guile, cunning, or sham. Naive sometimes connotes a credulity that impedes effective functioning in a practical world “this naive simple creature, with his straightforward and friendly eyes so eager to believe appearances” Arnold Bennett ..Naive stem cells are blank slates that form the basis for not only all the cells of the human body, but cells that make up the placenta to support an embryo as well..Naive shares the same root as native, and originally meant “natural” or “not artificial.” It can still be used in a more positive meaning when describing a charming lack of artificiality, as in “the naive style of folk art made by an untrained painter.”.Definition of naive from the Collins English Dictionary. The imperative. Commands and orders The imperative is used to give commands and orders. The form of the verb used for the imperative is the base form of the main verb, which is used without a subject. Walk to th .People who are “naive” tend to believe in whatever they are told, without questioning whether it is right or wrong. As for age, it can be anywhere from . Anyone who has not lived through and seen enough of this world is generally referred to as naive..Having or marked by a simple, unaffectedly direct style reflecting little or no formal training or technique valuable naive th century American portrait paintings. not having previously been the subject of a scientific experiment, as an animal..Definition of naivete a naive remark or action The farce is noted for its ridiculous acts and na vet s . the quality or state of being naive His account sometimes displays a gee whiz naivet .

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