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Primary Meanings of meiosis. . n. genetics cell division that produces reproductive cells inually reproducing organisms the nucleus divides into four nuclei each containing half the chromosome number leading to gametes in animals and spores in plants .To put that another way, meiosis in humans is a division process that takes us from a diploid cellone with two sets of chromosomesto haploid cellsones .Meiosis is a specialized type of cell division that reduces the chromosome number by half, The zygotene stage, also known as zygonema, from Greek words meaning “paired threads”, occurs as the chromosomes approximately line up .Meiosis is a special type of cell division. Unlike mitosis, the way normal body cells divide, meiosis results in cells that only have half the usual number of .A Closer Look Meiosis is the process by which the nucleus divides in allually reproducing organisms during the production of spores or gametes. These cells have a single set of chromosomes and are called haploid, as opposed to diploid cells with two sets..Meiosis is the process in eukaryotic,ually reproducing animals that reduces the number of chromosomes in a cell before reproduction. Many organisms . the cellular process that results in the number of chromosomes in gamete producing cells being reduced to one half and that involves a reduction division in which one of each pair of homologous chromosomes passes to each daughter cell and a mitotic division compare mitosis..Meiosis definition a type of cell division in which a nucleus divides into four daughter nuclei, each | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples..Meiosis is a process where a single cell divides twice to produce four cells containing half the original amount of genetic information..

Oogenesis, ovogenesis, or o genesis o. d n s s is the differentiation of the ovum egg cell into a cell competent to further development when fertilized. It is developed from the primary oocyte by maturation. Oogenesis is initiated in the embryonic stage..Acquired trait A phenotypic characteristic, acquired during growth and development, that is not genetically based and therefore cannot be passed on to the next generation for example, the large .By definition, a chromatid is one of the two identical components that make up a duplicated chromosome. As such, the chromosome is said to be compose of the identical sister chromatids..Claim Definition. A statement essentially arguable, but used as a primary point to support or prove an argument is called a claim. If somebody gives an argument to support his position, it is called “making a claim.”.Definition A thin, semi permeable that serves as a boundary between the interior of a cell and its extracellular environment and is present in animal and plant cells..Definition of Litotes. Litotes is a figure of speech in which a negative statement is used to affirm a positive sentiment. For example, when asked how someone is .Definition of Logos. In literature and rhetoric, logos is an appeal to logic.It is one of the three modes of persuasion that Aristotle defined in his Ars Poetica.The other two modes of persuasion, as delineated by Aristotle, are pathos an appeal to the au.nce’s emotions and ethos an appeal to the ethics of the au.nce . Speakers and authors use logos, which is to say they make .Recent Posts Similarities Between Humans and Chimpanzees. , Dr. Howard Fields, Comment. What are Humans? Although this might seem like a rather trivial, or even senseless question, it is in fact an actively researched topic in science, especially biology, anthropology and archeology.. .The original site The DDBJ ENA GenBank Feature Table Definition Version . DDBJ ENA GenBank Feature Table Definition Feature Table Definition Version . DNA Data Bank of Japan, Mishima, Japan..

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