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Definition of irreverent. lacking proper respect or seriousness also satiric..Irreverent meaning . not showing the expected respect for official, important, or holy things . lacking the Definition of “irreverent” English Dictionary..British English irreverent ADJECTIVE. If you describe someone as irreverent, you mean that they do not show respect for people or things that are generally respected. She s irreverent, fun, and hugely popular..Adjective. irreverent comparative more irreverent, superlative most irreverent Lacking respect or seriousness. Courageous, straightforward, saucy, having mass appeal, but likely to offend..Definition of irreverent showing a lack of respect for people or things that are generally taken seriously..Top definition Deuce was being irreverent when he referred to his brother s date as being, “An Get a irreverent mug for your Facebook friend Georges..Irreverent definition, not reverent manifesting or characterized by irreverence deficient in veneration or respect an irreverent reply. See more..Define irreverent. irreverent synonyms, irreverent pronunciation, irreverent translation, English dictionary definition of irreverent. adj. . Lacking or exhibiting a .If you are irreverent, you don t show respect toward something, like your irreverent singing of your school s alma mater in a funny voice..

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