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Facade definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!.Definition of facade. the front of a building also any face of a building given special architectural treatment. a museum s east facade..Top definition. facadeunknown Knowing being in debt, John managed to maintain a facade of wealth Get a facade mug for your fish Manley. . facade .Facade meaning . the front of a building, especially a large or attractive building . a false appearance that makes someone or something seem more pleasant .A facade is the front of a building, or a kind of front people put up emotionally. If you re mad but acting happy, you re putting up a facade. This word has to do with the outer layer of something. One sense has to do with the front or outside of a building..The facade of a building, especially a large one, is its front wall or the wall that faces the street. singular noun. A facade is an outward appearance which is deliberately false and gives you a wrong impression about someone or something..Definition of facade the principal front of a building, that faces on to a street or open space, a deceptive outward appearance..A facade is generally one exterior side of a building, usually, but not always, the front. It is a from Commons Definitions from Wiktionary Source texts.Facades synonyms, Facades pronunciation, Facades translation, English dictionary definition of Facades. also facade n. . The face of a building, especially the .

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Image Result For Facade Definitiona

Image Result For Facade Definitiona