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Diaspora definition is the Jews living outside Palestine or modern Israel. How to use diaspora in a sentence. The Beginnings of the Word diaspora..Diaspora. daspr singular noun. People who come from a particular nation, or whose ancestors came from it, but who now live in many different parts of the world are sometimes referred to as the diaspora..A diaspora is a scattered population whose origin lies in a separate geographic locale. In particular, diaspora has come to .Diaspora noun [ C U ] also Diaspora uk dspr politics government the scattering of people from their original country to other places. world history, politics government Diaspora is the forced movement of Jews from Israel..The term diaspora comes from an ancient Greek word meaning “to scatter about.” And that s exactly what the people of a diaspora do they scatter from their homeland to places across the globe, spreading their culture as they go. The Bible refers to the Diaspora of Jews exiled from Israel by the Babylonians..The word diaspora, as explained in the Oxford Dictionaries, is most in support of its primary definition “the dispersion of Jews among the .Diaspora definition, the scattering of the Jews to countries outside of Palestine after the Babylonian captivity. See more..Definition of diaspora the dispersion of the Jews beyond Israel..Study the definition and deeper meaning of diaspora and learn how organizations are helping transnational individuals. Do your best on the .

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