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Merriam Webster s Word of the Day for is cordial \KOR jul\ adjective. tending to revive, cheer, or invigorate a sincerely or deeply felt b warmly and genially affable..Cordiality definition is sincere affection and kindness cordial regard. How to use cordiality in a sentence..Late c., “of the heart,” from Middle French cordial, from Me.val Latin cordialis “of or for the heart,” from Latin cor genitive cordis “heart” see heart ..Cordial. If you like someone but you wouldn t say they re your friend, you might describe your relationship as cordial. Use cordial to describe a greeting or relationship that is friendly and sincere. In Middle English, this adjective meant “of the heart,” borrowed from Me.val Latin cordilis, from Latin cor “heart.”.Cordial meaning . friendly, but formal and polite . of a feeling, especially dislike strong . a sweet drink made from fruit, to which water is usually added ..The definition of cordial is someone who is nice and friendly. An example of cordial is when you say hello to someone who has just entered the room and offer to .Definition of cordial warm and friendly, strongly felt..Cordial may refer to Food and drink Liqueur, an alcoholic beverage Cordial candy , a type of candy that has a fruit filling inside a chocolate shell Cordial .Cordial definition Cordial means friendly. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples..

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