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Convection. kn vkshn n. Heat transfer in a gas or liquid by the circulation of currents from one region to another. Fluid motion caused by an external force such as gravity..Convection is the flow of heat by the movement of a warmed gas. The buildings typically see a percent saving in energy as air circulates by natural convection to the upper floors. Heat transfer by convection occurs as a result of the movement of fluid in the form of ed.s or circulating currents..Convection definition is the action or process of conveying. How to use convection in a sentence..Convection is the heat transfer due to bulk movement of molecules within fluids such as gases and liquids, including molten rock rheid . Convection takes place .A convection oven is an oven that has fans to circulate air around food. Convection ovens distribute heat evenly around the food, removing the blanket of cooler .Convection is the circular motion that happens when warmer air or liquid which has faster moving molecules, making it less dense rises, while the cooler air or liquid drops down. Convection is a major factor in weather..Define convective. convective synonyms, convective pronunciation, convective translation, English dictionary definition of convective. convection Air heated by a .Heat transferthe physical act of thermal energy being exchanged between two systems by dissipating heatcan be grouped into three broad .Convection is the transfer of internal energy into or out of an object by the physical movement of a surrounding fluid that transfers the internal energy along with .

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