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Definition of cape. Entry a point or extension of land jutting out into water as a peninsula or as a projecting point..Cape meaning . a very large piece of land sticking out into the sea . a type of loose coat without sleeves that is fastened at the neck and hangs from the .In geography, a cape is a headland or a promontory of large size extending into a body of water, usually the sea. A cape usually represents a marked change in trend of the coastline..Cape definition, a sleeveless garment of various lengths, fastened around the neck and falling loosely from the shoulders, worn separately or attached to a coat .A cape is a large piece of land that sticks out into the sea from the coast..Definition of cape a sleeveless cloak, typically a short one, the pelt from the head and neck of an animal, for preparation as a hunting trophy..Define cape. cape synonyms, cape pronunciation, cape translation, English dictionary definition of cape. or Cape of For names of actual capes, see the specific .Top definition. Cape Jay is such a cape, he has a Ravenclaw bed spread. Almost anybody who wears a cape will look cool, and anybody who is badass can .Superman is easily recognizable by his red cape, a sleeveless garment that hangs from his shoulders and rustles in the wind when he flies..

History and Etymology for cape. Noun Middle English cap, from Anglo French cape, from Old Occitan cap, from Latin caput head more at head. Noun probably from Spanish capa cloak, from Late Latin cappa head covering, cloak.Cape definition, a sleeveless garment of various lengths, fastened around the neck and falling loosely from the shoulders, worn separately or attached to a coat or other outer garment. See more..High CAPE means storms will build vertically very quickly. The updraft speed depends on the CAPE environment. Hail As CAPE increases especially above , J kg the hail potential increases. Large hail requires very large CAPE values. Downdraft An intense updraft often produces an intense downdraft since an intense updraft will condense out a large amount of moisture..DEFINITION of ‘CAPE Ratio’ The CAPE ratio is a valuation measure that uses real earnings per share EPS over a year period to smooth out fluctuations in corporate profits that occur over .Cape Breton Highlands National Park official name Cape Breton Highlands National Park of Canada French Parc national du Canada des Hautes Terres du Cap Breton is a Canadian national park located on northern Cape Breton Island in the province of Nova Scotia.One third of the Cabot Trail passes through the park featuring spectacular ocean and mountain views..Cape Cod is a geographic cape extending into the Atlantic Ocean from the southeastern corner of mainland Massachusetts, in the northeastern United States.Its historic, maritime character and ample beaches attract heavy tourism during the summer months. As defined by the Cape Cod Commission’s enabling legislation, Cape Cod is conterminous with Barnstable County, Massachusetts..Download the latest drivers for your High Definition Audio Device to keep your Computer up to date..Primary Research Question and Definition of Endpoints Mario Chen, PhD. Family Health International The Fundamentals of International Clinical Research Workshop.Listen to audio programs from The Washington Post on topics ranging from politics to history to culture and more. Click the show title to listen online, or use the links to subscribe via your .Shado Shoes Factory Shop Lansdowne, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

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