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AAVE African American Vernacular English pronunciation of “babe,” used as a term of endearment toward loved ones. Trolls and people who dislike its use will often incorrectly juxtapose “bae” with Danish “b” which means “poop” often to shut people up . Others will treat it as .Those of us who are adamant that FTW means “f**k the world” and not “for the win” are still perplexed and or purposefully ignorant as to the .Bae definition is sweetheart, baby. How to use bae in a sentence..Definition of bae a person s boyfriend or girlfriend often as a form of address .According to Know Your Meme, the term bae can be traced to as far back as from the first user submitted definition for it in the Urban Dictionary. Its exact origin is unknown, but it wasn t until when someone tweeted that the term was an acronym which stood for “before anyone else.”.At that point, the term bae had already been used by the official years that definition has garnered equal shares of up votes and down votes, .The short answer Though this word was used in the s to refer to sheep sounds, today bae is used as a term of endearment, often referring to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Bae has also taken on a wider meaning, being used to label something as generally good or cool, as in “This sandwich is bae.”.

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