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Definition of articulate. a expressing oneself readily, clearly, and effectively. an articulate teacher also expressed in such a manner..The verb is pronounced tkjlet . If you describe someone as articulate, you mean that they are able to express their thoughts and ideas easily and well. [approval] She is an articulate young woman..Articulate meaning . able to express thoughts and feelings easily and clearly, or showing this quality . to express in words . to pronounce . Learn more..Definition of articulate having or showing the ability to speak fluently and coherently, having joints or jointed segments..Articulate definition, uttered clearly in distinct syllables. See more..Articulated definition, made clear or distinct articulated sounds. See more..Define articulate. articulate synonyms, articulate pronunciation, articulate translation, English dictionary definition of articulate. adj. . Composed of distinct .And, if you say it well, someone might praise you by saying you are articulate. Confused yet? It s all in the pronunciation. Reach for articulate when you need an adjective meaning “well spoken” pronounced ar TIC yuh lit or a verb ar TIC yuh late meaning “to speak or express yourself clearly.”.Those who are articulate can use large, higher level words in their sentences without making a Top definition Get a Articulate mug for your fish Jovana. ..

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