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Top definition That kid is so aloof that he wasn t phased when he caught his girl cheating An aloof person is likely to be more “things oriented,” rather than .Adjective. reserved or reticent indifferent disinterested Because of his shyness, he had the reputation of being aloof..Definition of aloof. removed or distant either physically or emotionally. an aloof, unfriendly manner..Aloof definition Someone who is aloof is not very friendly and does not like to spend time with other | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples..Aloof meaning . not friendly or willing to take part in things . not interested or involved, usually because you do not approve of what is happening . not taking .Definition of aloof not friendly or forthcoming cool and distant..In Middle English, aloof was originally a nautical term the loof now spelled luff is the windward side of a ship. Smart sailors wanting to avoid a hazard on the leeward side would give the order, “A loof!” From this command we get the idea of steering clear of something or someone ..Synonyms for aloof at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for aloof..Define aloof. aloof synonyms, aloof pronunciation, aloof translation, English dictionary definition of aloof. adj. . Emotionally reserved or indifferent an aloof .

Somehow, I remember the fireworks man as solitary, aloof, coveralled, perhaps sooty, staring straight ahead as he came, perhaps reflecting back on the trench war violence he had just been a part of George Plimpton, Fireworks, They tried to keep aloof from the politics of the day..Aloof and bookish, Pius XI Achille Ratti spent years as a Vatican librarian before becoming a diplomat and cardinal..After the eager rivalry and almost hostility displayed by these companies in their late campaigns, it might be expected that, when thus brought in juxtaposition, they would hold themselves warily and sternly aloof from each other, and, should they happen to come in contact, brawl and bloodshed would ensue..At the moment refs are made to look arrogant or aloof through no fault of their own. The Sun Stay aloof, stay pure. Times, Sunday Times But it also stemmed from his aloof and dogmatic attitude. Times, Sunday Times Previous incoming presidents have chosen to remain aloof in similar circumstances..Someone who’s aloof isn’t warm and friendly, instead being distant and reserved. That emotionally cold and detached fellow who keeps to himself, drinking espresso and reading French philosophy, would best be described as aloof..Definition of aloof not friendly or forthcoming cool and distant.Aloof meaning not taking part in things, esp. in a way that seems unfriendly . Learn more..Aloofness definition, the quality or state of being aloof, distant, or reserved indifference His girlfriend’s recent aloofness may be a sign that the relationship is over. See more..Little Fay was as obstreperous as Tony was disagreeably silent and aloof. Peter stood there silent, aloof, detached and he appeared quite cool. She stood as cold and aloof .

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