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Adventurous, venturesome, daring, daredevil, rash, reckless, foolhardy mean exposing oneself to danger more than required by good sense. adventurous implies a willingness to accept risks but not necessarily imprudence..Adventurous meaning . willing to try new or difficult things . exciting and often dangerous . willing to try new, unusual, and exciting things . Learn more..Synonyms Examples Word Origin. See more synonyms for adventurous on adjective. inclined or willing to engage in adventures enjoying adventures. full of risk requiring courage hazardous an adventurous undertaking..Adjective. Someone who is adventurous is willing to take risks and to try new methods. Something that is adventurous involves new things or ideas..Definition of adventurous willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences..Define adventurous adjective and get synonyms. What is adventurous adjective ? adventurous adjective meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan .If you re adventurous, you re eager to try new things and take risks. If you can t wait to go kayaking in the Amazon and you re willing to try that stew with the weird .The definition of adventurous is someone who is willing to take chances. A person who will eat anything put on their plate is an adventurous eater. A sky diver is .

Adventurous definition, inclined or willing to engage in adventures enjoying adventures. See more..The island attracts adventurous travelers. He is an adventurous cook who is always trying new recipes. Her design is an adventurous departure from what we usually see. They have an adventurous lifestyle..Adventurous definition Someone who is adventurous is willing to take risks and to try new methods . Something | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.An adventure is an exciting experience that is typically a bold, sometimes risky, undertaking. Adventures may be activities with some potential for physical danger such as traveling, exploring, skydiving, mountain climbing, scuba diving, river rafting or participating in extreme sports.History and Etymology for emprise. Middle English, undertaking, from Anglo French, from emprendre to undertake, from Vulgar Latin *imprehendere, from Latin in prehendere to seize more at get.Will definition, am is, are, etc. about or going to I will be there tomorrow. She will see you at dinner. See more..Adventure Quotes Adventurous Sayings . This I believe that the free, exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in the world..The correct definition of emo. Emo,yes it is short for emotional. But,there is more to emo then hair and looks..Summary. The definition of an extreme sport is not exact and the origin of the term is unclear, but it gained popularity in the s when it was picked up by marketing companies to promote the X Games and when the Extreme Sports Channel and the Extreme Sports Company launched. More recently, the commonly used definition .Updated frequently massive collection of stockings fetish movie galleries. They are lovely created from leading adult pay sites members area HD content..

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